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  1. Hi Derek,

    I've been a MKR listener since you began the podcast and I've enjoyed all the episodes. Thanks so much for covering the quintessential drive-in movie, "Attack of the Giant Leeches." However, I must point out that you and Scott neglected to talk about character actor, Bruno VeSota, who played Dave Walker, Yvette Vicker's porcine and sweaty husband. VeSota (along with guys like Dick Miller & Jonathan Haze) was always a wonderful presence in the early Corman productions. Among his many appearances, he was the fat inn keeper who gets his head chopped off by alluring Allison Hayes in "The Undead" and was the bumbling night watchman who falls victim to "The Wasp Woman." VeSota even starred in the infamous Jerry Warren's grade-z films such as "Curse of the Stone Hand," "Creature of the Walking Dead," and "The Wild World of Batwoman." Bruno VeSota even got to direct a few films including the loony "Invasion of the Star Creatures" and "The Brain Eaters." Anyway, poor Bruno is not a big name in the horror film world and I thought I'd throw in a mention. After all, his gross Dave Walker provided the motivation for Yvette Vickers to have an affair with Cal. Thanks, Curt

  2. We love the show!!!! so far Poe month is GREAT!!

  3. Hi
    Huge fan and old monster kid .born in 1949. Watched old universal movies on channel 7,ABC in early 60’s. About that baby was in the novel.also in Coppola’s version. There is a BBC production with Louis Jordan that I believe is better than JAck Palance version. Though Jack is better Dracula ,Jordan is quite good.Its on YouTube.By the way there is also a version from English tv with Delholm Elliot(the actor from the Indiana Jones movies).He plays Dracula. So bad it’s good.Can also find on YouTube.Not to start an argument but Christopher Lee’s is over rated as Dracula.. Though Peter Cushing isThe man. He nips out Bela and Vincent and Boris. Can never get enough about Dwight Frye and Van Sloan.Also if possible, more about the princes of horror Rathbone,Lorre,Zucco,Attwill,Carradineand I haven’t forgotten Lon Chaney Jr. He is the crown prince. Please keep up the superior work you do. A great full and humble admirer.

    Santos Fernandez
    In the Novel Dracula sets wolves on the baby’s Mom when she comes looking for him
    Please excuse the typing

  4. Listening to the latest episode, Bride of the Gorilla. You mentioned the early 80s TV broadcast of a 3D movie with promotion by 7-11, etc., for the 3D glasses. I live in the Pacific Northwest and remember a brief explosion of TV 3D movies but I don't remember the one you mentioned. However, House of Wax being broadcast on a local station (KSTW, I believe) sticks out in my mind, because I was (and am) such a huge Vincent Price fan.