Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monster Kid Radio #014 - 20 Million Miles to Edward J. Russell

We wind down our Harryhausen series with Part Two of our chat with author Edward J. Russell about 1957's 20 Million Miles to Earth (dir. Nathan Juran). Not only do we talk about the Ymir and the life Harryhausen breathed into his creation, we also dip into the Sinbad films and talk about the difference between the adventure movies and the monster movies. Also, Derek talks about a movie he recently watched - The Headless Ghost (dir. Peter Graham Scott) - and announces a contest in which you can win a Blu-ray!

The Dead Infested -

Stephen D. Sullivan's Daikaiju Attack -

The opening and closing song "Zombie Harem" (from the album Phase 2) appears with permission of Daikaiju -

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