Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monster Kid Radio #076 - Watch Out! Monster Kid Radio Crashes Santo vs. the Martian Invasion

The latest Monster Kid Radio Crash happened last week at the Hollywood Theatre, and not even invading martians could keep us away! Derek was joined by Ray Jelinek, Chris McMillan (The Shadow Over Portland), Tom Daufel, and Rick Myers (The Recovering Ubergeek), and they watched Santo el Enmascarado de Plata vs 'La invasión de los marcianos' (dir. Alfredo B. Crevenna), aka Santo vs. the Martian Invasion. But that wasn't all! As part of the Cinescopio film series, the gang was able to watch the short documentary Viva Lucha Libre (dir. Brad Bemis) as part of the double feature that evening.

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Cinescopio at the Hollywood Theatre -

The Recovering Ubergeek -

From Parts Unknown -

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