Saturday, March 7, 2015

Monster Kid Radio at the Rondo Awards!

The official ballot for this year's Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards has been released, and voting is now open!

Many of the people who received nominations on this year's ballot have appeared on Monster Kid Radio over the years. What follows is a list of every nomination featuring a previous guest of Monster Kid Radio.

Category 10: Best Short Film
A Zombie Next Door, directed by Trish Geiger and Frank Dietz

Category 11: Best Book
The Creature Chronicles: Exploring the Black Lagoon Trilogy by Tom Weaver, David Schecter, and Steve Kornenberg
I Saw What I Saw When I Saw It: Growing Up in the 1950s and 1960s with Television Reruns and Old Movies by Frank Dello Stritto
The Very Witching Time of Night: Dark Alleys of Classic Horror Cinema by Gregory William Mank

Category 13: Best Article
"Carnival of Monstrocity: The 70th Anniversary of House of Frankenstein" by Greg Mank (Monsters from the Vault #33)
"The Complete Godzilla Chronology, 1954-2004" by August Ragone (Famous Monsters of Filmland #274)

Category 14: Best Interview (award goes to the winner)
Tom Weaver, interview with Jo Swerling, Jr. (Monsters from the Vault #33)

Category 16: Best Magazine Column
"The Doctor Is In-Sane" by Dr. Gangrene (Scary Monsters)

Category 17: Best Cover
Monsters From the Vault #33 by Kerry Gammill

Category 19: Best Blog or Online Column
Dr. Gangrene's Mad Blog - Dr. Gangrene
The Good, The Bad, and the Godzilla - August Ragone

Category 20: Best Convention
Cthulhu Con and HP Lovecraft Film Festival
Monster Bash

Category 21: Best Fan Event
Karloff: A One-Person Show - Randy Bowser

Category 22: Best Horror Comic
Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave

Category 23: Best Multimedia (Podcasting or Streaming)
Fantastic Films of Vincent Price
Monster Kid Radio
1951 Down Place

Category 24: Favorite Horror Host
Dr. Gangrene
Mr. Lobo

Category 25: Best Music CD
Blood Waters of Dr. G

To vote in this year's Rondo Awards, simply email with your selections. You must include your real name in the email, and only one vote per person is accepted by them. You don't have to vote in every category. Go show these nominees - and all the other nominees in all the other categories - some Monster Kid Radio love!

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