Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Monster Kid Radio #334 - Hercules Against the Moon Men with Chris McMillan

It's the first week of Sword and Sandals and Monsters Month on Monster Kid Radio, and this week, Chris McMillan from the Shadow Over Portland joins Derek to take on the sweaty peplum epic Hercules Against the Moon Men (dir. Giacomo Gentilomo). Are they SURE this movie features Hercules? What ARE the Moon Men? And is Chris wearing a KILT or a LOINCLOTH? Listen to Monster Kid Radio this week to find out!

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"Oh Gregoria!" (Directo en Delia Records) appears courtesy of Los Daytonas

Next week:
The Witch's Curse (dir. Riccardo Freda) with Chris McMillan

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At least it had a set, and this had action, and this had sand.

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