Thursday, February 8, 2018

Monster Kid Radio #356 - Attack of the Giant Leeches with Scott Morris

This week, Disney, Indiana's Scott Morris joins Derek and goes Cajun as they do battle with some pretty nasty critters. It's time for Attack of the Giant Leeches (dir. Bernard L. Kowalski), a movie that Derek's been wanting to talk about for a long time (and not just because he likes Ken Clarke movies!). Get ready for a laid back conversation that tends to drift along other monster kid topics while Derek and Scott talk about looking for Yvette Vickers pictorials . . . I mean, talk about the movie. Also, Monster Kid Radio's Year of Frankenstein continues with a look at Son of Frankenstein (dir. Rowland V. Lee), and FEEDBACK (with A special guest email-reader!).

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What movie will Larry Underwood (Dr. Gangrene) talk about with Derek next week? YOU DECIDE!

1935's The Black Room (dir. Roy William Neill) or
1966's The Psychopath (dir. Freddie Francis)?

Email or call to let us know!

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