Thursday, April 5, 2018

Monster Kid Radio #364 - Looking forward to Monster Bash with Ron Adams

It's time to get our Bash on . . . or at least TALK about getting our Bash on this week on Monster Kid Radio when Ron Adams joins Derek to talk about the event that is ground zero for all this monster kid - Monster Bash. Not only do Ron and Derek talk about the upcoming summer convention, but they play a round of the Classic Five, and talk about what all monster kids talk about when they get to chatting - monsters. Also, a new poll is announced, Monster Kid Radio's 200 Years of Frankenstein continues with a look at how Hammer Films contributed to the Frankenstein mythos, and Brenda returns to the show to read more listener emails (and tries to take control!).

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Monster Bash -

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Next week:
Stephen D. Sullivan and the ballot for the 2018 Monster Rally Retro Awards

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