Thursday, June 14, 2018

Monster Kid Radio #374 - Meet author and tokusatsu fan John LeMay

John LeMay's newest book - Terror of the Lost Tokusatsu Films: From the Files of The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies - is out now, and John is on Monster Kid Radio this week to tell Derek (and you) all about it! John and Derek discuss the book, John's background with these kinds of movies, and a few other things along the way. They also play a round of the Classic Five. Plus, Brenda returns to help with a healthy does of Feedback, and somewhere along the way, Derek talks about Monster Bash (because, really, when is he NOT talking about Monster Bash!).

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Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657)

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Next week:
Announcing the nominations for this year's Monster Kid Radio Monster Rally Retro Awards with Stephen D. Sullivan

The opening and closing song "A Cosmic Nemesis" (The Secret Origin of an Unknown Planetary Destroyer) appears by permission of King Ghidora

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