Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monster Kid Radio #023 - Tom Biegler and the killer fungus of Matango, Part One

Artist and monster kid Tom Biegler invited Derek to his home theater to watch a movie Derek had never seen before - 1963's Matango (dir. Ishirō Honda). Despite having a lifelong love of classic horror movies, Derek's experience with Japanese monsters has been limited up until recently. Tom is helping Derek to expand his monster movie horizons by sitting him down in front of a movie featuring one of Derek's near-phobias - mushrooms.

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William Hope Hodgson's "A Voice in the Night" read by Michael G - http://youtu.be/SSrxy9EjieE

The Mushroom Attack on archive.org - http://archive.org/details/TheMushroomAttackAkaMatango

The opening and closing song "Pacific City" appears with permission of King Ghidorah - http://www.facebook.com/King.Ghidora.Rock - http://www.reverbnation.com/kingghidorarock

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