Thursday, August 15, 2013

Monster Kid Radio #024 - Tom Biegler ate the mushrooms of Matango, Part Two

Derek continues his chat with artist and monster kid Tom Biegler about 1963's Matango (dir. Ishirō Honda). There seems to be something about these monster movies that inspires monster kids to create, and Tom has created a 24-hour sculpt inspired by Matango. You'll have to listen to this episode to learn how you can win this Matango Mini Bust! Also in this episode, Larry Underwood (aka Dr. Gangrene) swings by for a game of the Classic Five, and Derek talks about two 1950s science fiction films he's watched recently - World Without End (dr. Edward Bernds) and Riders to the Stars (dir. Richard Carlson).

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William Hope Hodgson's "A Voice in the Night" read by Michael G -

The Mushroom Attack on -

Dr. Gangrene -

The Weird Works of Larry W. Underwood -

The opening and closing song "The Age of Space" appears with permission of King Ghidorah - -

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