Thursday, November 14, 2013

Monster Kid Radio #047 - Stephen D. Sullivan's White Zombie, Part Two

Monster Kid's Radio discussion with author Stephen D. Sullivan continues in this episode of Monster Kid Radio. Listen carefully, and you might actually be able to hear some interesting things about Steve's novelization of White Zombie . . . between all of Derek's fawning over the book! (Seriously, folks - it's a great read!) Also, remember the contest for the original Island of Terror diorama by frequent Monster Kid Radio guest Tom Biegler.

Stephen D. Sullivan -

Stephen D. Sullivan's White Zombie -

B-Movie Cast #234 - Derek joined the B-Movie Cast to Talk About White Zombie -

The opening and closing song "El Elefante de Mocos" (from the album Introducing...Waka Jawaka) appears by permission of Waka Jawaka -

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