Monday, November 25, 2013

Monster Kid Radio #050 - Scott & Tracey Morris' Monster Mania, Part One

Last month, Scott and Tracey Morris (the high high-muckety-mucks of Disney, Indiana and returning guests to Monster Kid Radio) went to the Artcraft Theater's Monster Mania event in Franklin, Indiana. The 2-day event featured 35mm print screenings of six classic Universal monster films, and most of these films were first time viewings for Scott and Tracey. In Part One of their Monster Mania debrief, they tell Derek about the Artcraft and the two movies they watched on Day One of the event - Dracula (dir. Tod Browning) and The Wolf Man (dir. George Waggner). Also in this week's episode, Derek reminds listeners how they can enter the drawing for the original sculpt of the Island of Terror silicates created and donated by previous Monster Kid Radio guest Tom Biegler. (And don't forget our 50-Review Challenge!)
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