Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monster Kid Radio #053 - Cheesy B-Movies with Tom Biegler, Part Two

A monster that looks like it was made out of papier mâché, a were-jellyfish, and John Carradine - these are just a few of the topics brought up in Part Two of Derek's cheesy monster movie discussion with monster kid sculptor Tom Biegler. This time around, some of the movies Tom mentions are films Derek's never seen before, but next week for his birthday, Derek will sit down to watch at least one of them (we're looking at you, were-jellyfish). (Speaking of your host's birthday, since next week Derek is celebrating his 40th birthday, Monster Kid Radio's schedule will change a little bit. Instead of a show on Tuesday and Thursday, there will be only one show on Wednesday.) Also on today's episode, the winner of the Tom Biegler Island of Terror sculpt is announced!

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