Thursday, February 16, 2017

Monster Kid Radio #307 - Frankenstein 1970 with Dwight Kemper

This week, Monster Kid Radio gets futuristic . . . sort of . . . when Derek is joined by guest Dwight Kemper to discuss the film Frankenstein 1970 (dir. Howard W. Koch). Boris Karloff returns to a Frankenstein movie, but not as the monster. This time, Karloff plays the monster's creator! Listen to this episode to find out why this movie is so important to Dwight and his development as a monster kid. (And when you're done listening to this episode, be sure to check out Dwight's books!) Plus, you'll hear listener feedback and more movie trailers and radio ads than you probably care to hear (but Derek loves them and he can't help himself!).

(And you can find Derek at this weekend's Wizard World Portland, along with friends of the show Sean Hoade and Tom Daufel!)

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Next week:
Bride of Frankenstein (dir. James Whale) with Cort Psyops from Cinema PSYOPS

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