Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monster Kid Radio #327 - Monster Bash 2017 - Part Two

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How much fun can one person have at Monster Bash? Enough for multiple episodes of Monster Kid Radio devoted to the convention! This week, Derek takes us back to the Bash for conversations with Terri Mount of That's Terri-IFIC, Witch Doctor Films' Elbert Smith and Matthew Parmenter, actress Jo Morrow, horror host Penny Dreadful, and author Brad A. Braddock. And if that's not all, we also hang out with monster-maker Mitch Gonzales, filmmaker Joshua Kennedy, and reviewer Dan Day, Jr.

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That's Terri-IFIC -
Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers -
The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog -
Memoirs of Murder by Brad A. Braddock -

Time Shifter's Podcast -
Orphaned Entertainment -
B-Movie Cast -

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Next week:
The Monster Club (dir. Roy Ward Baker) with Larry Underwood (Dr. Gangrene)

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