Thursday, July 20, 2017

Monster Kid Radio #328 - The Monster Club with Dr. Gangrene

It's time for a check up with the good Dr. Gangrene (aka Larry Underwood) when he joins Monster Kid Radio this week to take a look at the 1981 anthology film The Monster Club (dir. Roy Ward Baker). For years, Larry has been torturing Derek with the music from this film, but Derek really shouldn't complain. A mad scientist like Dr. Gangrene is SUPPOSED to torture people, right? Besides, how tortuous can a movie REALLY be if it features Vincent Price and John Carradine? Derek and Larry discuss the film and the music that punctuates the movie's soundtrack, as well as the latest in the world of Dr. Gangrene. We also have listener feedback, and, hey, there's a Monster Kid Radio Crash coming!

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Next week:
The Land Unknown (dir. Virgil W. Vogel) with Fandom Radio Podcast's Joe Eiden

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