Thursday, November 9, 2017

Monster Kid Radio #343 - The Woman Eater with Micah S. Harris

Author Micah S. Harris joins Monster Kid Radio this week, and he's bringing The Woman Eater (dir. Charles Saunders) with him. This 1958 film is the main topic of conversation, but that's not all Micah and Derek talk about this week on the podcast. We'll learn a bit about Micah's background as a monster kid and writer, what interesting . . . creature . . . he had for a pet as a kid, and, of course, he plays a round of the Classic Five. Also this week, Derek has just a few words to say about the status of Universal's Dark Universe, as well as a few audio offerings that may or may not scratch your monster kid audio itch. Plus, FEEDBACK!

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  1. Seriously. Who DOESN'T have their childhood Mark Twain suit memories? Micah, you're too much, buddy!

  2. Okay, so I'm listening to your podcast, and I'm hooked! My great friend and fellow collaborator, Micah Harris, told me about this interview, and I'm really enjoying it quite a bit! As I am a fellow monster kid, I'm now eager to go through your archives and listen to more episodes! Keep up the great work, because I am loving this podcast!

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    Kindest regards,
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