Thursday, November 2, 2017

Monster Kid Radio #342 - It! The Terror from Beyond Space with Scott Morris

Scott Morris joins Derek on a trip to the far flung future of 1973 when they get together to chat about 1958's It! The Terror from Beyond Space (dir. Edward L. Cahn). Scott may be one of the founders of Disney, Indiana, but don't let those mouse ears fool you. He's a classic sci-fi fan through-and-through . . . although before prepping for this recording, he'd never seen 1979's Alien (dir. Ridley Scott). He and Derek talk about It! The Terror from Beyond Space's influence on Alien, and maybe even a John Carpenter classic as well. Plus, recordings from Chiller, feedback, and a contest!

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Thanks to Foxtrot Studios' Mark Bailey for the amazing recordings from the Chiller Theatre Expo!

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1958's The Woman Eater (dir. Charles Saunders) with Micah Harris 

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