Thursday, January 25, 2018

Monster Kid Radio #354 - Top Three Forgotten Horrors with Michael H. Price and Michael Legge

The Forgotten Horrors series of books are MUST-HAVE books for any self-respecting Monster Kid, and this week on Monster Kid Radio, one of the men behind this long-running series - Michael H. Price - joins the show. He's not the only Michael dropping by, though. Michael Legge, also known as the horror host Dr. Dreck, is joining Derek this week on the podcast as well. We play the Classic Five. We talk about how we fell in love with the more obscure (dare we say, forgotten?) horror movies. And we also run through our Top Three Favorite Forgotten Horror Movies. Plus, we have Feedback, MKR's Year of Frankenstein continues, and there are two amazing movie screenings coming up that Monster Kid Radio will be CRASHING.

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  1. Great show, I'll be working through previous podcasts. We've got Blue Wave Theory opening for us in a backyard party in June 16th in Cape May. You guys are invited, just write to us at if interested. Best, Dom at Brutarian Magazine and Records.