Thursday, July 11, 2019

Monster Kid Radio #427 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part Three

It's time for MORE MONSTER BASH on Monster Kid Radio as Derek's coverage of the most amazing monster kid convention CONTINUES! Horror host extraordinaire Dr. Gangrene, aka Larry Underwood; Femforce comic book writer and Gooey Films' enthusiast Mark Holmes; and author and presenter Frank J. Dello Stritto all sit down with Derek individually to talk all things monsters and Monster Bash. However, in a Monster Kid Radio FIRST, Derek pulled out all the stops . . . er . . . microphones and had FOUR horror hosts at the MKR table AT THE SAME TIME! Hall of Famer Drac, Countess Carita, Janet Decay, and Grimm Gorri took some time to chat it up! And thanks to one of Monster Kid Radio's amazing listeners, we also have audio from the Ricou Browing Q&A. All this, plus Professor Frenzy's Bedtime Story and Dr. Tongue's World of Monster Collectibles, makes for a megasized episode of the podcast, so get comfortable!

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