Thursday, September 12, 2019

Monster Kid Radio #436 - Jonathan Inbody and Giant from the Unknown

Podcaster/author/filmmaker Jonathan Inbody joins Derek this week to take on 1958's Giant from the Unknown (dir. Richard E. Cunha). This movie was relatively unknown to Derek before he watched it specifically for this episode of Monster Kid Radio, but it won't be unknown to you by the time this episode is over! (And, oooOOOOHHHH! Exciting! Derek and Jonathan even nerd out over copyright law for a bit in this episode! WOW!) And, check this out - author Dwight Kemper reads his short story "Dysfunctio Cerebrae," and it's a really good one! Also in this episode, Professor Frenzy tells us another Bedtime Story, Kenny takes another Look at Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Dr. Tongue takes is back to the World of Monster Collectibles.

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