Thursday, December 27, 2018

Monster Kid Radio - The Night After Christmas - Face of the Screaming Werewolf

There's been a slight change of plans for this episode of Monster Kid Radio, but it involves Lon Chaney, Jr., so it's all right, right? RIGHT? Face of the Screaming Werewolf (dir. Jerry Warren, Gilberto Martínez Solares, Rafael Portillo) was playing at the Joy Cinema, and there was no way Derek was going to miss this particular Weird Wednesday! Derek introduced the film, and Scott Morris and David Heath (and a few other audience members) joined him after the movie to discuss the glorious assemblage of sounds and images they just watched.

And keep listening - near the end of this special episode, Derek tells you what you can expect for the rest of Dancember.

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Download the latest episode (.mp3) here!

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